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Fees and Contracts

Is your pricing competitive, honest and fair?

YES!, Our pricing features include:

  • No sign-up fee
  • No lock-in contract
  • No minimum amount of sessions
  • Discontinue anytime

Is there a minimum amount of hours of tutoring that I must take?

NO!, You are free to take as much or as little tutoring as you require to meet your needs.


Do you offer any discounts?

Special rates apply to home tutor services where the tutor takes a group of two or more students together at the same time. Discounts also apply where two or more siblings are enrolled concurrently.


Am I locked into a contract for a fixed period?

No!, You only pay for the tutoring that you use. You are free to cease tutoring, without penalty, at any time.


Are there any cancellation fees?

We do not charge cancellation fees. You are free to cease or cancel tutoring at any time (A minimum of 1 week notice required) without charge.


How much do your tutors cost?

Trained Tutors ($45/hour), Specialist Tutors ($55/hour), Premium Tutors ($70/hour). Please visit our tutor prices for the full run down of our prices.


Do you have a refund policy?

We are confident with our services and believe that our students should never feel obliged or locked into using our tuition service. Students have the right to discontinue their program at any time. Students are entitled to a full refund. We are extremely comfortable with this policy given the premise that students who are happy with our service will generally not want to discontinue from our tutoring and learning programs.


Is there a FEE to change Tutors?

NO!, There is no cost to change tutors. If your Tutor does not make a significant impact on your child’s learning, then by all means you are entitled to apply for a new Tutor FREE of charge.

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